Production and expertise

Airspace et Passanger
  • Initial capacity: 3 million passengers
  • Quality of service level: IATA B
  • 1st certified airfield in Senega
Freight shed
  • Capacity /Size: 50,000 Tons
  • Surface area: Freight terminal: 5568 m2
  • Import: 2700 m2
  • Export : 2 200 m2
Resettlement site

In the context of the liberation of the airport rights-of-way occupied by the villages of Kessoukhate, Kathialick and Mbadat, the State of Senegal financed in 2010 the construction of a resettlement site for the Project Affected Populations (PAP), in accordance with the operational policy of the World Bank, the ADB and the AFD on involuntary population displacement (OP 4.12).

Le Site de Recasement a été choisi de concert avec les populations elles-mêmes, les autorités administratives et locales de la région de Thiès tout en respectant l’emplacement initial de chaque village et les équipements qui y existaient.

The resettlement site was chosen in consultation with the populations themselves, the administrative and local authorities of the Thiès region, while respecting the initial location of each village and the facilities that existed there.

With this in mind, 342 dwellings were built, each with four rooms, a kitchen, a shop and an outhouse.

To make living conditions on the Resettlement Site better and more sustainable, the following socio-cultural infrastructures were built and equipped by AIBD SA. These are :

01 large mosque, 05 small mosques, 01 health post, 01 socio-cultural centre, 01 multi-purpose field, 04 football pitches, 01 school with 12 classrooms, 01 shed for the market etc.

Equipped with roads, networks and other facilities, the resettlement site is connected to the SENELEC electricity network and the SEN EAU water supply network.

More than 3,000 people currently live there.

On-call accommodation

In order to enable on-call personnel (ASECNA, air traffic controllers, police, customs, gendarmerie, manager) to be operational 24 hours a day for the needs of airport services and operations, AIBD SA has financed and supervised the construction of housing.

Surface area of the housing site : approximately 15 ha

Number of buildings :

  • Eight (08) buildings R+2 + accessible terrace
  • One (01) building R+1 + accessible terrace
  • One (01) ground floor building + accessible terrace
  • One (01) ground floor building + non accessible terrace
  • One (01) guard house
  • One (01) water tank
  • One (01) transformer station
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