The construction project of the Blaise Diagne International Airport was piloted by APIX before the setting up of the AIBD SA project company.

The choice of Diass to host the Blaise Diagne International Airport was validated the same year during a presidential council meeting. It is relevant to recall that Diass was chosen from among a dozen sites within a perimeter of 60 km around Dakar which were identified, evaluated and compared by ASECNA experts.



Feasibility studies

Start of technical, economic, financial and legal feasibility studies under the aegis of APIX (Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Major Works).


Implementation of RDIA

To finance the construction of the new airport, the Head of State issued a decree (2005-138 of 28 February 2005) to introduce the RDIA – Redevance de Développement des Infrastructures Aéroportuaires. This is a tax levied on the ticket of each passenger departing from any airport or aerodrome in Senegal.


Creation of the AIBD SA project company

Creation of the AIBD SA Project Company. It is responsible for the Financing, Construction, Operation and Development of the new airport. It is a project linked to the State of Senegal by an agreement bringing together world-class partners.


Launch of construction works

Construction work was launched on 4 April at a ceremony presided over by the former Head of State, Abdoulaye Wade, in the presence of the Libyan leader, the late Muammar Gaddafi, and several Senegalese and African personalities.


Inauguration of AIDB

The airport was inaugurated and put into service on 7 December by the Head of State, Mr Macky SALL, in the presence of several of his African counterparts.


Dissolution of ADS

H.E. Macky SALL, on 10 June 2021, issued decree n°2021-746 pronouncing the dissolution of the Senegal Airports Agency (ADS) and setting the conditions for the devolution of the Agency’s assets and the redeployment of its staff. The attributions formerly devolved to the ADS are now exercised by the public limited company AIBD SA.

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