[:fr]Espace voyageur[:en]Traveller's area[:]

AIBD//Traveller’s area

Let us guide you

Coffees and restaurants
Take a break in one of our many coffees & restaurants. The journey starts already in your plate!

All COVID-19 guidelines are followed so that you can shop with confidence and safety.

VIP Lounges
Before you board, treat yourself to a peaceful getaway in one of our VIP lounges.

Book your parking space in the airport car parks to ensure peace of mind at the best price.


Safety - Security

  • Never leave your luggage unattended!
  • Report any suspicious or abandoned luggage or packages!
  • Do not accept any luggage from a third party

For security reasons, the items and products listed below are not permitted in the cabin:
– Bottles of liquid exceeding 100ml each: Perfume, shower gel, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste,
– Any aerosol or cosmetic product with a capacity exceeding 100ml per bottle
– Any firearm and any ammunition or cartridge intended for hunting or sporting weapons (obviously…)
– Any blunt weapon, any blunt object, whether metallic or not: scissors, blade, cutter, Swiss Army knife.

Items not allowed in the cabin




Sharp object

Liquid over 100 ml

Blunt object