"AIBD Air Hub 2025" strategy

The “AIBD Air and Tourism Hub 2025” strategic plan is backed by the ambitions of the Emerging Senegal Plan and the MTTA Strategic Plan. Its mission is to make Senegal the first sub-regional air hub, thus contributing to the “ambition of the PES to position Senegal as a reference economic and cultural platform in West Africa”.

Blaise Diagne International Airport has major assets such as: the strategic geographical position of Senegal which is a bridge between the Maghreb and Sub-Saharan Africa, a crossroads between America, Europe and Asia thanks to relevant air links. Moreover, Senegal’s political stability, economic growth, the full expansion of the national airline Air Sénégal and good diplomatic relations constitute the basis for the sustainable development of Senegal’s air and aviation network.

The construction of the Air Hub translates for AIBD into a medium and long term vision which is articulated around four strategic pillars namely Traffic Generation, Traveller Experience, Access and Connectivity, Diversification and Outreach of Blaise Diagne International Airport, which are broken down into thirteen (13) strategic objectives and fifteen (15) flagship projects.

Our flagship projects