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    Take a break in one of our many cafés & restaurants. The journey begins on your plate!
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    All CO- VID-19 guidelines are followed so that you can shop with confidence and security.
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    Before boarding, treat yourself to a peaceful getaway in one of our VIP lounges.
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    Book your parking space in the airport car parks to ensure peace of mind at the best price.
Passangers in 2019
The Land of Teranga

Places to visit in Senegal

Le Désert du Lompoul

Parc de Djoudj

Saint-Louis, la vieille ville

Saly Portudal

La Haute Casamance

Le Cap Skirring

Réserve de Bandia

Chutes de Dindefelo


Parc de Niokolo Koba

Les îles du Saloum

Monument de la renaissance

Joal Fadiouth

Lac rose

Réserve de Fathala

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AIBD is commited to
enhanced health measures

We are committed to contributing to the safety of all. Discover the health measures put in place by your airport to allow you to travel in complete serenity.

  • Nettoyage
    Reinforced cleaning of contact points and sanitary facilities.
  • Distributeurs
    Provision of hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers.
  • Plexiglass
    Provision of hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers.
  • Distanciation
    Setting up a distancing marker
  • Port du masque
    Wearing a mask is mandatory.
  • Chaises
    Condemnation of every other seat.
  • Annonces
    Display & audible announcements reminding of preventive measures.
  • Air
    Strengthening of air treatment.


There are buses at all times. They only leave when it is full.

If it’s the Dakar Dem Dikk buses, the terminus is at HLM Grand Yoff opposite the Amitié stadium, Dakar.

Contact the company Global which manages the advertising department.

There is the Radisson hotel located in Diamniadio, about 10 minutes from the airport. There is also one in Mbour, in the seaside resort of Saly Portudal, 32 minutes from the airport.

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